Letting Go, Independence & 7-year-old girls

“I’d like to go by myself on our next field trip.” It was a simple request slipped into normal conversation. My 7-year-old daughter didn’t need fanfare, a parade or a flashing sign to take another important step of independence. She was happy to have me along for the 1st grade trip to the aquarium, especially … Continue reading Letting Go, Independence & 7-year-old girls

Rocking a Monster: Lessons in Letting Go

The last day of Spring Break arrived. In the late afternoon, I entered the room our kids were playing in and said, “Kids! It’s time for a sorting party!” Groans and eye rolls greeted me. The seven-year-old knew what was in store. The four-year-old had pleasantly been previously left out of these family experiences, much … Continue reading Rocking a Monster: Lessons in Letting Go