Letting Go, Independence & 7-year-old girls

“I’d like to go by myself on our next field trip.” It was a simple request slipped into normal conversation. My 7-year-old daughter didn’t need fanfare, a parade or a flashing sign to take another important step of independence. She was happy to have me along for the 1st grade trip to the aquarium, especially … Continue reading Letting Go, Independence & 7-year-old girls

A Manifesto For a Palms Up Leader

This is for any leader in our world who's tired of cultures of fear, control, distrust, cynicism, isolation, unhealthy competition, status quo and fear of failure. Let's keep shifting our cultures together toward something more beautiful, more compelling and much more effective. A Manifesto For a Palms Up Leader We show up. When it’s convenient … Continue reading A Manifesto For a Palms Up Leader